Polaris, the polar star, holds the still point around which the celestial sphere turns. If you could command parallel lines of longitiude to trace themselves out in scintillating arcs on that sphere, they would all intersect there, at the very place Polaris marks. The invisible spider-thread that drops straight down from that point touches our planetary sphere below at its own corresponding still point, the North Pole.  This thread is the axis of the world that joins the earth to the heavens.

But to try to chase Polaris is not merely to travel northward to the Pole, or even outward across the surface of the earth. It is to travel inward as well, toward your own still point, to stretch to the sky wherever you may be and become as the world axis yourself. This is the goal of any journey.

In that spirit, I present Chasing Polaris as a journey through the world as it presented itself to me, here re-presented through my lens to you.  It is a journey on a human scale — landscapes traversed, surfaces touched, gazes met and borders crossed.

Anthony Speca